Haim Molhov's family and parents-in-law

This is a photo of my family in Sofia. To the left are my wife's parents Nissim and Rebecca Geron, in the middle is my son Benedict Molhov, and to the right are my wife Regina Molhova, nee Geron, and I. The photo was taken in Sofia at the end of the 1950s. Back then I worked in the Chimmetalurgproyekt Institute, my wife was a clerk in the publishing house of the Toplomontaj bulletin, and our son was graduating from the Russian language high school. In 1953 I took a very important decision in my life thanks to which I saved my health. At that time I moved from a job with a salary of more than 600 levs and a lot of privileges, to a job with a salary of 62 levs. Some decades later I read a book by Mr. Pitters, an American professor in psychology, which confirmed that I had made the right decision. According to this book everyone has a limit in their professional development and when they reach it, they fall into a state of ?incompetence?. The consequences from this state are massive deterioration of health, and the American professor outlines fourteen different illnesses, which could be a result from that state. I think it was just in time that I made the right choice to develop in another direction, rather than stay at my highly-paid job and sacrifice my health. And after that I really took some important steps - I completed my secondary education, graduated from university and developed professionally as an engineer in the area of black metallurgy.