Haim Molhov's family

This is a photo of my family during our holiday in Petrohan in Stara Planina in 1948. I am on the left, my son Benedict Molhov is in the middle and my wife Regina Molhova, nee Geron is on the right. Petrohan was our usual place for summer excursions and holidays. The landscape there is very beautiful and the air is very clean and healthy. We used to go there very often. My son was a student in a Bulgarian elementary school and then he graduated from the Russian Language School. In 1953, while he was growing up, I changed my life by leaving my high-paid job in the economic department of the police in Sofia and accepted the low-paid, but not so stressful job at the Chimmetalurgprojekt Institute. My wife worked for the Toplomontaj bulletin. We lived very comfortably. My family loved music. While I lived in Plovdiv, I sang in the Jewish choir. In Sofia I signed up with the Georgi Kirkov choir. My wife also had a beautiful voice and I brought her to the choir where she sang for 26 years. My wife's parents also sang very well. Thus, our son grew up to become a famous composer, conductor and singer.