Haim Molhov's family

This is my family in front of the apartment block in Sofia, where we lived, in 1948. To the right is my wife Regina Molhova, nee Geron, in the middle is our son Benedict Molhov and I am on the left. In 1945 I decided to return to Sofia to see what had happened to our house. In 1942 a priest had come to our house in downtown Sofia with an accommodation order for our home. We realized that we had to move out from the house. That priest was appointed to teach theology to the son of Boris III - Simeon II. We moved out of our house and didn't return until 1945. I made the priest move out and my family once again moved to live in Sofia. We lived in this house along with my wife's parents. I still live here now. When we returned to Sofia I was appointed director of the economic department of the police. My job was very stressful and soon my health deteriorated sharply. In order to preserve my health I decided to change my life-style and after I completed my secondary education, I changed my highly paid, but very stressful job to a lower paid, but quiet job in the Chimmetalurgproyekt Institute. My son was a student in a Bulgarian elementary school and then he graduated from the Russian Language School.