Haim Molhov's family with friends

This is a photo of my family with my dear friend Jacques Behar and my cousin Sarika Asher Birma from Plovdiv. The photo was taken at the end of the 1940s in Sofia. From left to right are Jacques Behar, my wife Regina Molhova, nee Geron, my cousin Sarika and I. In front of us is my son Benedict Molhov. Jacques Behar is an old friend of mine from Plovdiv. He was born in Yambol and his family moved to Plovdiv when he was young. In 1938 we both applied for the roles of amateur actors in Plovdiv Theatre. After 9th September 1944 I arranged for him to come to live and work in Sofia. We were friends for 56 years. Sarika is the daughter of my mother's sister Roza Asher Birma. She was born in Plovidv and left for Israel in 1949. My son was a student in a Bulgarian elementary school and then he graduated from the Russian Language School. In 1953, while he was growing up, I changed my life-style by leaving my high-paid job in the economic department of the police in Sofia for a lower paid, but not so stressful job at the Chimmetalurgprojekt Institute. My wife worked for the Toplomontaj bulletin. We lived very comfortably.