Rivka Molho and her daughter Malkale Molho

This is a photo of my brother Shelomo Molho's wife, Rivka Molho, who is a Romanian Jew, and her daughter Malkale. The photo was taken in Haifa at the end of the 1950s. I remember that when I went to Israel for the first time she met me at Haifa port saying, ?Welcome, Uncle Haim? in Bulgarian. When I visited my brother in his house in Haifa, I had to stay with his family, while he went to arrange a leave from work. His wife, however, who had lived in Romania, didn't know Bulgarian and Ladino, only Yiddish and Hebrew. Her daughter was born in Israel and only knew Hebrew. I had to strain myself to remember a little Hebrew, which I hadn't spoken for nearly 30 years. Malkale is now the director of a school in Haifa. The other child of my brother, Avile, is now a very famous psychotherapist in Haifa.