Zosia Laks visiting Katowice

Zosia Laks visiting Katowice

This is a picture of my sister Zosia Laks nee Beitner standing next to a monument commemorating Jews from Katowice. This picture was taken in 1998.

Both my sisters got married. Their husbands were born in Israel, but their parents were from Poland. My sisters didn't visit me often in Poland. Jadzia came once in 1958. She only visited me again recently, a month ago.

Zosia came here several months ago for some celebrations. She was also in Katowice for the opening of the monument of the Katowice synagogue.

With my sisters, after some time, I started speaking Hebrew. Not always though. When Jadzia visited me recently we spoke Polish, so she would remember it, because she was only a child during the occupation. But when Zosia calls me from Israel we speak Hebrew, because it's easier for her.

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