Franek Goldsztain

Franek Goldsztain

This is a picture of Franek Goldsztajn, he was the boyfriend of my friend from gymnasium, Rutka Reichman.

Franek sent me this picture after the war, he survived the war. The photo was taken in Karlstadt, Germany, in 1946.

My other friends died during the war: Mala Lobel, Rutka Reichman. When we were in gymnasium this Rutka was really in love with Franek Goldsztain.

We were very young, maybe 17 years old and it wasn't popular then for young people to carry on like that, they were like a marriage. But nobody condemned them much.

She later died, he survived. I know, because he sent me a letter in 1946 and this picture from Karlstadt. We later lost contact, I don't know what happened to him.

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