A postcard sent by Herman Beitner from Lwow to Palestine during World War II

This is a postcard sent from Lwow to Palestine by my father, Herman Beitner.

At the beginning of the Nazi occupation we ran away with my brother and Father to Lwow. Father is writing in Yiddish to his brother, Jakub, in Palestine. There's a stamp: 'Palestine, pass by censor' and next to it: 'USSR.'

I don't know what Father is writing about, I don't know the Yiddish language. [According to a translation from Yiddish:

the card is addressed to 'brothers, brothers-in-law and children,' Mrs. Wygodzka's father writes that he has been in Lwow since November 1939, that he is working at an office and has registered as a refugee.

He also writes that Eni is in Vilnius and Balbina with the two children in Sosnowiec. He asks for a prompt reply and sends his warmest greetings.]

There's the date when the card was written: 30th March 1940. Soon before the war with Germany broke out.

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