Ewa Geuibot with her daughter Lotus

This is a picture of my daughter, Ewa Geuibot, nee Wygodzka with her daughter Lotus. The picture was taken in the 1990s in France, where she is living with her husband and children.

My daughter was twelve when we moved to Israel from Poland. She went to elementary school in Israel, it was near our house.

Some years later problems with the children began. They were in a different world, climate, mentality, everything was foreign to them. Although they tried to plant their roots there, it wasn't working out.

My daughter graduated from gymnasium and attended the Michlal LeMorim LeOmanut higher school of painting in Tel Aviv for three years, because she was quite talented.

It was a painting school for teachers. But she didn't graduate from that school, because she was under the influence of this woman, a guru, who was a writer, very talented [her name was Rina Szani].

The guru claimed that Ewa should not graduate from the school, because she'd never want to be a teacher anyway.

After some time in Spain my daughter met a Frenchman whom she married. They've been living in the south of France for ten years now. They have two daughters.

Satia is now 13 and Lotus is two years younger, so she's eleven. Both are beautiful, talented, they paint, they're excellent students. They're very cheerful, charming.

My daughter, of course, left that idea [the lifestyle promoted by the sect] and lives normally. My daughter's husband is very kind, everything is going well for them.

They have an ecological farm: goats, chickens, vegetables. They have a greenhouse. My daughter also paints when she finds the time.

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