Hadasa Krzesiwo with her husband Motek Krzesiwo

Hadasa Krzesiwo with her husband Motek Krzesiwo

This is a picture from the year 1942 of Hadasa Krzesiwo, maiden name Manela, with her husband Motek Krzesiwo.

Hadasa used to be my father’s employee before the war. I am not sure where the photo was taken, possible at a special camp for foreigners in Austria where the two of them were interned during the war.

I met Hadasa in Austria after the war. After we left the camp in Horejsi Stare Mesto I went to Salzburg for some time. Together with my mother and sisters, because we didn't know where to go, we wanted to go to Israel.

In Salzburg we lived in stables which were adapted for sleeping. From Salzburg we went to Germany. We were in the French zone, in Jordanbad. The nuns were running a house for DPs there. It was a very old place, very beautiful.

It was called Knajp Kur. Hadasa contacted us and invited us there. She got married to Motek Krzesiwo. He had survived together with her using false South American documents.

Hadasa and Motek were interned as foreigners in a special camp. They survived the camp, they survived the occupation. In Jordanbad Hadasa gave birth to her first son. I was there when he was born.

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