Zosia Laks with her husband

Zosia Laks with her husband

This is a picture of my sister Zosia Laks, nee Beitner, with her husband. This photograph was taken in Israel in 1950, where she was and still is, living.

Both my sisters got married. Their husbands were born in Israel, but their parents were from Poland. Both my sisters and my mother went to Palestine straight from Germany.

Zosia left with a youth group in 1945 or 1946. It was called Aliyah Noar. It was the last transport for Palestine, the next one went to Cyprus. The British were not admitting anyone any longer.

Mom went with Jadzia. They left in 1947 legally, with papers, and they got there without problems.

I wanted to go to Palestine too, but my husband, because he was a Polish writer and a communist, believed his place was in Poland. So my husband decided to return to Poland.

Mother died in 1966. All those years I was in touch with my mother and sisters.

My sisters didn't visit me often in Poland. Jadzia came once in 1958. She only visited me again recently, a month ago. Zosia came here several months ago for some celebrations.

She was also in Katowice for the opening of the monument of the Katowice synagogue.

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