Inka Wygodzka

Inka Wygodzka

I have this picture from my husband Stanislaw Wygodzki.

It’s a picture of his daughter, Inka Wygodzka, from his first marriage. The picture was taken in the 1930s, but I don’t know where.
The name of my husband's first wife was Anka. They had a small, beautiful daughter, Inka.

They lived in Bedzin. During the war they were deported from the ghetto in Srodula: his father, mother, wife, daughter, two of his brothers.

My husband had earlier arranged some luminal [luminal - an anti-seizure medication, causes drowsiness, here: luminal as poison]. And he gave it to his wife and child and took some himself. They arrived at Auschwitz.

The wife and child were dead, but the dose must have been too low for him and so my husband survived, they tattooed him while he was still sleeping. Everyone else from his family was murdered in Auschwitz.

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