Irena Wygodzka in Chylice on holidays

Irena Wygodzka in Chylice on holidays

This is a picture of me, taken on holiday in Chylice in 1956.

1956 was a year of political turmoil. I wasn't involved politically. I wasn't in the Party, but I didn't rebel against the authorities either. I didn't go to all those discussions at the writers' club. That was my husband's domain.

My husband was in the Party. After Khrushchev's declaration at the Twentieth Party Congress his eyes were opened. He didn't return his party membership card, but he openly spoke his mind during meetings.

He wrote the book 'Zatrzymany do wyjasnienia' ['Detained until explanation,' novel published by 'Kultura' in Paris in 1968 and in London in 1979]. It was also translated into Hebrew [Israel, 1968, Maariv publishing house] and into German [Germany, 1969, Piper Verlag].

After the events in Hungary, after Nagy was murdered, we submitted the paperwork necessary to get permission to go to Israel for good, but they refused.

But I always received a passport when I used to go to Israel as a tourist, to visit my mother and sisters. Before emigrating there, I went there some five or six times. I never had any problems, I would go alone or with my children.

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