Letter sent by Natan Rozenzweig from the Warsaw ghetto to Irena Wygodzka

This is a letter I received in Vilnius from my friend from the gymnasium, Natan Rozenzweig. Natan was in the ghetto in Warsaw when he sent me this letter.

The letter is written in Polish, Natan writes:
Dear Eni,

I found out today from Zew that you've changed your address, so I'm writing as soon as I can. I wrote you a letter two months ago, but, because I didn't receive an answer, I thought you were cross with me.

As soon as I heard about your departure I wrote to your dear mother and tried to cheer her up.

Dear Eni, I hope and trust that you are doing well and that you will overcome all difficulties and feel well.

I was recently sick with spotted typhus, but it has passed and everything is going well, now I am feeling very well and looking rather well, too.

If you receive my letter, please write me back and I will send you my picture.

Warmest greetings and kisses.
Please remain healthy and full of hope.

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