Irena Wygodzka at her father’s office

This is a picture of me, Irena Wygodzka, using the telephone which was in my father’s office. The picture was taken in the 1930s, at our home in Katowice.

Father's office was in our apartment. There were five rooms there, Father had one room for himself, but it was also the dining room. Apart from Father’s office there was the parents' bedroom and our, the children's bedroom.

There was a kitchen, a small room for the servant, a bathroom with a bathtub and running water. There was a separate toilet, even two.

There was a telephone in Father's office, number 990. There was also a Keren Kayemet can. You'd put money in there, from time to time young people would go around collecting the money.

With this money Jews used to buy land from the Arabs in Palestine. A portrait of Uryshkin, this Zionist, was on the wall. [Uryshkin, Mendel Menakhem, (1863 - 1941), a member of a Zionist Organization, one of the leaders of Russian Zionism.]

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