Luci Werdiger in Paris

Luci Werdiger in Paris

This photo was taken in Paris, France in 1940.

At the back of the picture there is written, probably by Stanislaw Wygodzki’s aunt Anii Werdiger: “Dear Luci, your cousin, after the wedding.”

My husband was from Bedzin. His name was Szyja. Stanislaw was his pen name before the war. His parents were Icchak and Rywa-Brajndla, nee Werdiger.

I know that Rywa-Brajndla's brother, Samuel Werdiger, was living in Paris with his wife Anii and daughter Luci. My husband also had other relatives in France: some male cousin.

My husband had three younger brothers, their names were: Lejb, Leon and Aronek. When someone asked Rywa-Brajndla how she was doing, she'd answer: 'My husband is a Zionist, my four sons are communists, how can I be doing?'

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