Yvonne Capuano-Molho with fellow girl scouts

This photo was taken on 29th June 1939 in Thessaloniki. On that day we, girl scouts, had our last reunion.

During the Metaxas dictatorship gatherings were forbidden and clubs were closed.

The best of all was that we were girl scouts. Every Saturday we gathered at the YMCA. The place where recently, in September 2005, there was a big fire.

I was a girl scout and we were all divided in four groups, the leader and the deputy leader. The group I was in was called ‘Amarantos.’

We were six girl scouts and our chief was Lena Zanna, the mother of Samaras, a Greek politician and granddaughter of Delta, the famous writer.

How much did I wish for Saturday to arrive. We did a lot of things. We played detection games; we did our good deed every month, carrying flour and sugar to a poor family.

Small things, but they wanted to teach to us how to help, to offer help to our fellow humans. My clover-leaf had the number 124.

124, I was on the second team that Mrs. Zanna, the daughter of Mrs. Delta, was the trustee of and so was Mrs. Syndika.

I was always carrying this clover-leaf with me, for it to bring me good luck, in all my examinations at university.

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