The Moshe family gathering in Spain

The Moshe family gathering in Spain

This picture was taken in Valencia in 1936.

First from left is my grandmother Bienvenida Moshe, nee Florentin. Second from left is my mother Erietta Molho, nee Moshe. Second from right is my grandfather Leon Moshe. First from right is my aunt Sylvia Cohen, nee Moshe.

The two little boys in the photo are Sylvia’s sons. The kid on the left is Jaime Cohen. He studied Chemistry and worked as Director Manager in big companies. Now he is retired and lives in Barcelona.

The other child on the right is Leon Cohen. He studied and worked as a doctor in a surgery intensive care unit. Now he is retired and lives in USA.

My grandfather Leon Moshe was very hard working and extremely strict. Jews were men dedicated to their family. My grandfather was the leader of his, a real ‘pater familias.’

I was watching this Turkish series on television and saying to myself, ‘This is Memik? That’s the name of the strict traditional grandfather in the series. Well, that’s my grandfather.’ Oh, he was really strict.

My grandmother Bienvenida was very good and open-hearted but also collected in front of the strict grandfather, yet it is impressive how she always managed to do what she herself wanted.

My mother would say, ‘Grandmother asked to go to Spain to see Aunt Sylvia. Grandfather will never say yes.’ But of course they went to visit Sylvia in Spain.

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