The Moshe family and their Jewish friends on vacation in Aidipsos

This photo was taken in 1935 in Aidipsos.

My grandfather Leon Moshe is fourth from right. Third from left is my mother Erietta Molho, nee Moshe.

My grandmother Bienvenida Moshe, nee Florentin, is fourth from left. To her right is my sister Nina Frances, nee Molho.

First from right is De Mayo. To his right is his wife nee Burla. Third from right is De Mayo’s mother, nee Covo. I am sitting on the ground.

As a child I remember that my family and others Jewish families from Thessaloniki and Egypt, were frequently going to Aidipsos for baths, since the hot springs there were considered very healthy.

We would first go by boat to Volos. The boat would stop at the Volos port for loading and we would go for a walk, using a small train, and then we would return to the boat, when it was loaded, and it would then take us to Aidipsos.

There was no other way of going there at that time. Upon arrival there, the porter would come to carry our belongings and we would walk to the hotel.

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