Yvonne Capuano-Molho and her friend from the music school

As a child, in addition to the regular school, I was also attending the music school and the English institute in Thessaloniki.

In this picture me and my Christian friend, Emy Sklavounou, are standing in front of the music school. The photo was taken in 1933. I am first from left.

The music school was at the grounds of the International Fair of Thessaloniki. It was easy to go there on foot.

I recall that when I started going there, my mother knew every detail of what I was doing there and I kept wondering how my mother managed to learn everything in detail.

Once, while visiting my Molho grandmother, I saw Aunt Gracia talking to Mr. Karantsis, who was the director of the music school.

He was living next to my grandmother and aunt, and then I knew how my mother was so well informed.

I was about nine years old at that time. Those years were very good, I also had friends from the music school and my teacher there was Mrs. Emily, who was a Jew.

And later I was a member of the mixed chorus of Mr. Floros and once we sang at the Palace theater house that song which says ‘Alleluia.’ Kaufman sang solo the ‘Ave Maria’ and we accompanied her.

At that time there were two piano schools; one was Margarite’s and the other Kaufman’s, who was a German Jew.

The Kaufman that sang solo was his daughter. The performance was very beautiful, and I still have vivid memories of it.

We even got an award. Where is this award? Well, we left during the Holocaust and what did we find afterwards? Nothing!

We had given things to people to hide for us, and when we returned my mother would see the same things at their houses but they would say, ‘There is nothing left, they took everything from us.’ What to say.

Photos from this interviewee