Erietta Molho with her daughter Nina Frances

Erietta Molho with her daughter Nina Frances

This photo was taken in Thessaloniki in 1919.

My mother Erietta Molho, nee Moshe is holding in her hands her daughter Nina Frances, nee Molho, my sister.

My grandfather constructed for my mother’s marriage in 1917 a set of very good furniture. And then came the big fire of Thessaloniki in 1917 [20] and all was burned. Of course the marriage wasn’t postponed.

So after the marriage my grandfather made new furniture for his daughter. When they got married they first bought an apartment overlooking the sea like in Venice.

I was born in the month of June and when I was two months old, Mother must have taken me into the sea to swim.

Later both my sister and myself, when we had whooping cough, and as they said that the sea would be good for us, my mother kept on taking us swimming with the boat.

At this particular house there was a common yard that we shared with the apartment next door. Jews, very good people. They do not exist any more.

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