Leon and Bienvenida Moshe at home

This picture of my maternal grandparents, Leon and Bienvenida Moshe, was taken at home in Thessaloniki 1932, on the occasion of their son Mario Moshe’s engagement.

My grandfather Leon Moshe was very hard working and extremely strict. Jews were men dedicated to their family. My grandfather was the leader of his, a real ‘pater familias.’

I was watching this Turkish series on television and saying to myself, ‘This is Memik? That’s the name of the strict traditional grandfather in the series. Well, that’s my grandfather.’ Oh, he was really strict.

My grandmother Bienvenida was very good and open-hearted but also collected in front of the strict grandfather, yet it is impressive how she always managed to do what she herself wanted.

In our house, all the tapestry had been ordered by grandfather in Vienna.

First came the fabric and then the walls were painted in the same color with golden leaves in blue enamel paint.

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