Jacques Molho with his daughter Ettie Molho

This is a picture of my uncle Jacques Molho, my father’s brother, and his daughter Ettie. It was taken in Grenoble, France, in 1934.

Jacques got married before the war, to a very beautiful girl called Daisy, and went to live in France. He worked in Grenoble, and they had a daughter, Ettie.

Uncle Jacques went to the concentration camp while his wife Daisy and his daughter stayed in Paris.

When the command to empty Paris was issued, it applied particularly for the children who were caught.

A certain Mr. and Mrs. Simon, at night, brought I don’t know how many children to Spain through the Pyrenees. Now, it seems that among these children was Uncle Jacques’s child.

When my uncle Jacques returned from the camp his wife had died, from a heart attack, and they said that the child had been brought to Spain.

So he took a bicycle and went all over Spain looking for his child in all the monasteries, because it is more than certain that the kids were brought to a monastery.

He never managed to find his daughter; he returned and got married again, to a very good lady. They both aren’t alive anymore.

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