Yvonne Capuano-Molho and her classmates on a walk

At school we were going for walks, to Aretsou or Asvestohori.

This photo was taken on a walk at Asvestohori in 1938. First from left is my classmate Eva Lioki. First from right is Ivi Dede.

Up in the middle is my classmate Myrta Venardi, we are still friends. Next to her is Ninon Matalon and next is Sharika Kali.

They both were Jewish and both were murdered in Auschwitz. I am the last person, lying on the ground.

For elementary school I went to the Jewish school in order to acquire the principles. We had various lessons, religion too. We learned about Ruth, the sacrifice of Abraham, the fat and the thin cows.

Everything was taught in the Greek language, but two hours a week we also had Hebrew. We also had French every day as this language was spoken as frequently as Greek.

Out of my teachers I remember Miss Paula who was teaching us Greek. Later, when I was in the third or fourth grade, she was appointed by the state and left.

We also had house keeping, needlecraft, drawing, painting, things like that. We also had history of the Greek Revolution, Composition and all the other lessons.

Only in the morning we would say our own prayer, ‘Shema Israel.’ I remember our Hebrew teacher, who had a wooden ruler, and when he asked something we didn’t know he hit us with the ruler straight on the nail.

Photos from this interviewee