Yvonne Capuano-Molho and her classmates

This picture was taken during a school walk in 1937.

I am first from left. Next to me is Danae. Second from right is my dear friend Vouli Prousali, we are still friends today, and to her right is Elsa.

Before the war, it was a world somehow secluded. Not that we didn’t have contacts with the Christians. On the contrary.

You could see partnerships with one Jewish and on Christian name, and at school we were all together. In conclusion, it was a perfect adaptation.

They would even tell me, ‘Yvonne, you know our festivities better than us, and they would add, ‘Dominique, who knows when her name day may be?’ And I would answer, ‘On the 8th of January.’

Schools were closed during the Christian festivities and not ours. In conclusion, the assimilation was exceptionally high.

Not that I forgot our own religion, not at all. Even if I wanted to there were my father, my mother, my grandmother etc.

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