The wedding of Mimis and Suzanna Frances

This picture was taken in 1980 at the wedding of Mimis and Suzanna Frances, nee Schiaky at Monastirioton Synagogue in Thessaloniki.

All synagogues in Thessaloniki were destroyed during the war and now there is only one synagogue left, the ‘big synagogue’ as we call it, the ‘Monastirioton.’

It is the only one that wasn’t destroyed as it became a Red Cross depot. Today, this synagogue, the ‘big synagogue’ opens only for special events.

However in the Modiano market there is the ‘small synagogue’ [the ‘Yad Lezicaron’] which operates normally every day.

Mimis died suddenly in 1999, aged 49 from a brain aneurism. Now Suzanna raises their three daughters alone.

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