The wedding of Yvonne and Richard Capuano in Cairo

The wedding of Yvonne and Richard Capuano in Cairo

This picture was taken at my wedding in Cairo on 11th April 1954.

The family of my husband was known to my family from Thessaloniki. At the Jewish school there was someone who worked there whose son was married to a first cousin of my father in Israel.

She was called Saltiel and her husband was Cohen. He was the one who got me in touch with my husband-to-be.

My husband was very open minded so he decided to call me on the phone and asked me to go out with him.

We went out for a walk, we started to get acquainted and got to know each other, and we went out a few times and then got married.

I intended for my husband to be a Jew. Do you not see what is happening now’ This has become a ‘mayonnaise’ these days, and with the civil marriage we don’t observe these things.

My daughter-in-law is Christian Orthodox; I had no objection. However, at the time when I got married it was very difficult for someone to change religion.

It wasn’t only because of the parents’ reaction, but also because to convert took a lot of time.

Of course, you had to study, the women that converted and became Jews know about our religion much more than I do. I don’t know much about religion.

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