Yvonne Capuano-Molho and the Fix family at the sea

Yvonne Capuano-Molho and the Fix family at the sea

This photo was taken after the liberation in Athens.

First from left is Mr. Fix. The other man is Farinolla, a well known artist in Athens. I’m the first from the right.

During the occupation of Greece by the Nazis, I was hiding in different places and homes.

At some stage I presented myself to the Fix family, opposite Zapeio, but we immediately left to go to their farm in Magoufana. I had a very nice time with them and we are still friends.

They even gave me a false identity card, from the ones that Evert, the Athens police chief, was issuing. My false name was Ioanna Marinopoulou.

After the liberation, I stayed with the Fix family for quite some time. I wanted to see where I stood. I wanted and liked to stay there, I felt as if I were at home.

Later when I restarted the university I left. All my family, except for my grandmother, returned to Thessaloniki.

We learned about my father, my uncles, my aunts, their children, two hundred and twenty members of my family had been murdered.

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