The wedding of Silia and Mike Capuano

This family picture was taken on my son’s wedding day in 1999, at their wedding party at Grande Bretagne Hotel.

From left to right are: Myriam Matza-Vellio, my niece Joyce Recanati, Mimis Recanati, the groom Mike Capuano, my husband Richard Capuano, Silia the bride and her father Costas Kapitsimadis.

In the upper row from left to right are Lakis Recanati, the mother of my daughter-in-law, Lena Kapitsimadi, then an other relative; I can’t remember her name, and then my sisters-in-law Renee Capuano and Mattie Capuano.

Silia finished the English Literature department here; she also finished another private American University on Arts and went to finish it up for two and a half years in London. She is a jeweler.

They married in a civil ceremony. To tell you the truth, when mixed marriages take place, the parents despite their original reaction at the end they give in.

I can assure you I never said a word because they make a nice couple.

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