The staff of Ilona Seifert's paternal grandfather Bernat Riemer's bakery

The staff of my grandfather´s bakery. My grandfather, Bernat Riemer, and grandmother, Julia Riemer, are seated in the second row in the center. Standing directly behind them is my father, Oszkar Riemer. My grandfather studied bakering as an apprentice and then became a baker's journeyman. He worked diligently, and later bought the bakery where he had worked. Next to the bakery there was a shop where different kinds of breads, baker's wares, and all kinds of other foodstuffs were sold. They made challah, too. My grandfather taught all his sons the bakery trade. He said it was a very good trade, since, no matter what the world came to, people would always need bread and water. So, all of his sons became bakers. There were Jews and non-Jews among the employees of the bakery, but their religion didn't matter to grandfather. He had such a developed social sense, that everyone who worked for him, including all the members of his family, sat down to eat lunch at the same table at noon every day. The family's apartment was almost next door to the shop, and in the dining room stood a long table, where twenty-two to twenty-four people took their midday meal. Grandfather didn't distinguish between family and employees, but everyone had to be extremely punctual for lunch. Grandfather was awfully fussy about that.

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