The Riemer family

This is my father with some of his siblings, in a photo taken in Szentlorinc in the 1920s. From right to left: Daddy, his brother-in-law Istvan Deutsch; an unidentified man with a hat and beard; father's sister Franci, his sister Irenke, and his eldest brother, Vilmos. I don´t know who the man with the beard is. The group must have been out on some excursion, maybe on the property of Istvan Deutsch. Vilmos Riemer was my father´s eldest brother. Vilmos owned a bakery and a soda water workshop. His brother, Bela, worked for him. Bela was a great motorcar racer, and he won first place in many championships, but competed under another name, to avoid worrying his mother. Manci's husband, Istvan Deutsch, was a Jewish landowner. Later, he ?magyarized? his name to Domonkos. The couple owned land in Pestszentlorinc. Istvan later also opened a soda water workshop. We went to visit them as children, on summer holidays and stayed for a month. They had a daughter. Irenke married Oszkar Wollner, who was one of Mommy's brothers. This made our families doubly related. Oszkar Wollner also owned a bakery and a bakery shop, and on Fridays cholent (a traditional Sabbath stew of beef, beans and vegetables) was brought to their bakery from the neighborhood to be baked in their oven. Irenke worked in the shop. They never had children, but they loved all the children in the family. My father's sister Franci became Mrs. Tibor Kaufmann. Tibor converted to Christianity before the War, as the disastrous era was coming, but unfortunately, he was one of the first to be killed. Converting to Christianity didn't help him to survive. The couple had two daughters. After the war, Franci got married again, to a Professor Bach, who was some sort of professor of medicine.

Photos from this interviewee