Ilona Seifert's father, Oszkar Riemer, as a soldier in WWI

Father (on the right, in the dark suit) with his superior, Colonel Czibulka, during WWI. The photo was taken sometime during the second decade of the 20th century.

My father was a sergeant during World War I, serving under a Colonel named Czibulka. He was stationed in Hungary. Once, they went to the Manfred Weiss factory in Csepel to purchase canned foods for the army. And my father told them, as if it were some moralistic tale, that in order to run a factory properly, everybody had to really put their hearts and souls into it. As they were going up the stairs to an office to order the canned goods for the army, they ran into a little man on the stairs and, the colonel asked my father, ?Riemer, do you know who he is?' My father said that he didn't, to which the colonel replied,'That is Manfred Weiss. You see there, he just bent down to pick something up, probably a nail or a screw, and now you see, he is leaving, and do you know where he is going? He is going to the department where that screw or nail or whatever it is, was made, to ask them, how it ended up on the stairs. So you see, only a man who pays such close attention to detail, can be as rich as Manfred Weiss.? My father told this story many times.

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