Ilona Seifert's aunt Iren Wollner with her parents

My maternal grandparents, the Wollners, with one of their daughters-in-law. The photo was taken in the 1920s in the garden of their home, where they had a little flower garden. My maternal grandfather also owned a bakery and bakery shop, too. But it was smaller than the one owned by my paternal grandfather. The Wollner boys were taught the bakery trade, but the two Wollner girls didn't have to work. Grandmother Wollner worked alone in the shop, but when business was brisk, there was a helper in the bakery. My Wollner grandparents had an apartment with four rooms plus a hall, which I can also remember. The apartment was nicely furnished, but they didn't have as large a collection of porcelain as my Riemer grandparents, no doubt because they didn't go to Carlsbad for holidays. Their apartment had some very nice carved furniture, a standing clock - which was fashionable then - and a lot of silverware. I remember that the display case was always full of silver trays and tableware. They had only one coach, and a coachman . They had no financial problems, though they were not as rich as my Riemer grandparents. I spent much more time with my Wollner grandparents than with the Riemers. They lived much closer to us than the Riemers, and grandmother Wollner allowed us to do much more. We liked being there a lot. Grandfather Wollner taught me to play chess, and we would play for hours at a time. He had time for me during the day, as he didn't have much to do then, though he was down in the bakery by five every morning. He always used to nap in the afternoon, and then went daily to the baker's casino. Grandfather Riemer went there less frequently. The Wollners were very strictly religious, but they were not orthodox. My grandmother was the most religious of my grandparents. She began preparing the kosher dishes for Pesach months early. They belonged to the Pava Street synagogue-district, and they donated money for the construction of the synagogue.

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