The engagement dinner of Gyuri Fleischer

This photo (date unknown) was taken at the engagement dinner of a friend of ours named Gyuri Fleischer. Fleischer is the formally dressed young man sitting in the center with his fiancee. He owned a shirt shop before and also after WWI, until the Nazis seized and nationalized it. The woman with the hat on Fleischer's right is his future mother-in-law. On the extreme right sits my father´s eldest sister Rozsi and next to her is her husband, Menyhert Reisz, who owned a toy shop, the huge Reisz shop on Kalvin Square. The shop had 12 windows - I think it was destroyed by a bomb during the war. Rozsi helped her husband in the shop, working as the cashier. They had a son and a daughter. The elderly lady next to Reisz is my paternal grandmother, Julia (Krausz) Riemer, who was born in Vienna. Her mother tongue was German, but she could also speak perfect Hungarian. She worked in my grandfather´s shop, sitting at the cash till. When my grandfather died in 1927, the bakery and the shop closed down. Grandfather's children were too busy running their own bakeries to run that one, too. Grandmother lived until about the end of the 1930's. When she couldn't be at home any more, she moved into a very, very elegant nursing home somewhere in Zugliget. It was a strictly Jewish kosher place, and there she received the best care. On the left in the foreground is my father, Oszkar Riemer. He was born in Budapest in 1894. He also learned the bakery trade, just like his two brothers. He married my mother, Iren Wollner, in 1917, and they bought a single story house which they extended by building additional stories on top. Our family lived in it, and it also housed daddy's mechanized bakery and soda water workshop. My father's bakery was the first one in the city to use a steam oven for baking bread.

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