The soda-water wagons of the workshop of Ilona Seifert's father Oszkar Riemer

These are the delivery wagons from my father´s soda water workshop in Budapest. The workshop had several delivery wagons, carriages and horses. There were about twenty-two horses, if not more. The workshop was in the backyard as were the stable and carriage-house. The coachmen lived in the neighborhood and some of them, the most serious and reliable ones, lived in apartments in the factory building. We delivered soda water to both Buda and Pest, to restaurants, pubs,and so on. Some of them used so much water that we had to make deliveries three times a day. At this time, besides the delivery wagons and carriages, we had one or two cars. Horse-drawn carriages were forbidden in Budapest after the war, and this is what killed my father, because, not being allowed to use horses, nor a private car, he had to deliver soda water on a motorbike, which wore him out physically and caused his fatal heart attack.

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