Ilona Seifert's father Oszkar Riemer and mother Iren Riemer as fiances

Ilona Seifert's father Oszkar Riemer and mother Iren Riemer as fiances

Right to left, my parents as fiance and fiancee, my uncle Oszkar Wollner, my father´s military superior, and my maternal grandparents, the Wollners. The photo was taken in Budapest during the second decade of the 20th century.

My maternal grandfather, Samu Wollner, was born in Ozora in the 1860s, and my maternal grandmother, Terez in Szenc. They owned a bakery and bakery shop, but unlike the ones owned by my paternal grandparents, theirs was smaller - they only employed eight to ten workers - and the communal lunch was never introduced, so everybody ate separately. The boys were taught the bakery trade, but I don't think the two girls had to work. Grandmother tended the shop alone, and when business was brisk, she had an assistant.

My mother had four siblings, three boys and a girl. One of them was Oszkar, who married my daddy's younger sister, Irenke. Oszkar also owned a bakery and a bakery shop, where bread and bakery goods were sold, and on Fridays cholent was brought in from the neighborhood, to be baked in the bakery ovens. Irenke, Oszkar's wife, also worked in the shop. They never had children, but they loved all the children in the family.

My father also learned the bakery trade, just like his two brothers. He married my mother in 1917, and they bought a single story house which they extended by building additional stories on top. We lived there, and it also housed Daddy's mechanized bakery and soda-water workshop.

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