Ilona Seifert and her family

My family on the roof terrace of our home in Budapest, in a photo from the 1920s. My father (on the right), my mother (on the left), and me (the short one) and my sister in front. I don´t know who the other people are. They must be some of my parents? guests. My parents bought this house when they married in 1917. It was a single story house which they extended by building additional stories on top. We lived in it, and it also housed Daddy's bakery and soda water workshop. Instead of a roof, the house had a terrace, which my parents turned into a lovely garden for their two children. Features included a child's sandbox, a flower garden, and a beautiful set of garden furniture. They constructed this garden because the house itself had no garden. Behind the house was the soda-water workshop, a garage for the car, and stables for the horses. When the Arrow-Cross people, the Hungarian Nazis, seized my father's workshop, they found this garden terrace and used it as a base from which to fire at airplanes. One of the planes fired back and hit the house, which was almost completely destroyed.

Photos from this interviewee