The wedding of Jozsef Faludi's cousin Jolan Fogler

This is the wedding photo of my cousin Jolan from Soltvadkert, in 1937 or 1938. Behind the bride is her father Izidor and on her left is our grandfather Fogler. In the last row on the left is my mother. Next to her is my father and my brother. My sister Rozsi is in the middle in the first row. I?m not in the picture because the wedding took place while I was in yeshiva. Jolan was one of the daughters of my father's brother Izidor who lived in Soltvadkert. He had 8 children. Izidor was a watch maker and had his own workshop. Jolan was a wig maker in Soltvadkert. She made and combed wigs, she even made one for my mother. Her husband was, I think, a watch maker because the Foglers were also watch makers. During the war she was in hiding with Christian papers with her children in Budapest and her children died in a bomb attack. Her husband died in forced labor. After WWII she made aliya and got married again. She set up a wig making workshop and shop in Tel Aviv. She had two children with her second husband. They lived in B'nei Brak. Jolan was very religious but not Hassidic. When we were in Israel some years ago, she still had her wig shop. She died in 1998.

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