Jozsef Faludi's youngest sister Rozsi Fogler

My youngest sister Rozsi. We used to call her Babi. My sisters went to middle school, like us boys. They finished the four grades, and then they learned the trade from our mother, helping her. In their free time they went to a Jewish house where young people would get together and do cultural things, and play sports. In 1944 my parents and siblings were collected in Kiskoros and sent to Auschwitz. A relative who was with them said that as soon as they got to Auschwitz, my father and grandfather were immediately put into the oven. The girls and my mother were sent to work in Germany. My cousins Judit and Edit, who had also lived in Kiskoros, were with them. On the way it was the custom that the guards would shoot anybody who couldn't go any further. The sole of Edit's shoe came off, and she sat down, and her sister naturally stayed with her. They shot them in front of everybody. That's when my mother and sisters decided to escape, and they did escape. There has been no news of them since.

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