Jozsef Faludi's father Emanuel Fogler

My father. The photo must have been taken around 1944. My father had five siblings. The first three children were born in Cracow, but my father was born in Hungary in 1895. I don?t exactly know how my parents met, but it was surely through a shadchenolash (match-maker). They didn't do that any other way then, just through the shadchenolash. Love came later. Well, in my life I never saw a love like the one between my parents! My parents were married in 1920, and I was born in 1921. After me came Imre. There wasn?t even a whole year between us. Magda came in 1924, Rozsi in 1925. We called Rozsi 'Babi.' We had a leather goods shop. Father didn't have an assistant, but when we were older, we helped him as best we could. We learned how to cut out the soles, among other things. A leather merchant not only sold leather but also cut out shoes and boots. I learned to make the upper parts of shoes from one of our clients. The shop was closed on Sunday and most of Saturday, but opened Saturday night when we returned from the synagogue. My parents also sold canvas. My father got it from a firm in Budapest and sold it for them. When I was still very young, I began riding around on a bicycle delivering canvas to Akaszto and other villages nearby.

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