Jozsef Faludi's paternal grandfather Gusztav Fogler

Our grandfather in Kiskoros. Grandfather Fogler was a cantor. The photo was taken at home and it's only half of it but i don?t know who is on the other half. He came from Cracow to Hungary. He found work in Kiskoros. Exactly how old he was when he came to Hungary, I unfortunately don?t know. He was the congregation's chazan (cantor). This is where the family's cantorship comes from. I inherited his good voice. Especially in my childhood, I had a wonderful soprano voice, and I would even sing at high holidays in the temple. My grandmother Fani Bondi was Italian. She didn't speak Hungarian well, and she mostly mixed in Yiddish, and she brought a little of the Italian with her too. Italian was her native tongue, but she spoke Yiddish with my grandfather. My grandfather knew Hungarian too, he spoke Hungarian beautifully. Grandmother Bondi was sweet and loved her grandchildren. When the grandchildren came she always had cakes ready. My grandparents lived in the service flat in the synagogue courtyard, because my grandfather was the employee of the congregation. There were flats in the yard, and a mikva (ritual bath) too. The cantor sang in the temple and did the bris (circumcision). My grandma was diabetic; she died around 1928. Grandfather got married again in 1938. They offered him a wife from Budapest. And he sang actively in the temple in his eighties.

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