Manci and Ilona Fogler, Jozsef Faludi's uncle's daughters

My cousins Manci and Baba. They were often in our house because they loved my mother, and it was my mother who taught them what a woman must know. Their mother, my father's eldest brother's wife, was a religious fanatic and she didn't see it as her task to provide this kind of education to her daughters. Izidor, their father, was a watch maker and had his own workshop. Manci learned the trade in her father´s workshop. When she got married, she set up an elegant watch and jewelry shop with her husband in Budapest. They made aliya before the war and they established a watch making factory in Tel Aviv. They helped the other relatives to immigrate to Palestine. Manci has two daughters. She died a few years ago. During the war, Baba was in hiding with Christian papers in Budapest, so she wasn?t deported. She immigrated to Israel after the war. When she went to Israel, she worked in her sister Manci's watch making factory. In fact, most family members that went to Israel worked in that factory. She lives in Tel Aviv. Her husband died here when they came to visit a few years ago.

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