Jozsef Faludi and his first wife Mazal Faludi at the seaside

My wife Mazal and me at the beach in Tel Aviv. She is pregnant with our first son Emanuel. When I left my aunt?s, I came into contact with a leftist organization where I met a Hungarian, Ferenc Bug, a tailor. I worked in his shop as an assistant. That organization linked with the Communist Party. They held seminars and lectures, and organized excursions. That's where I met my Yemenite wife, Mazal. Mazal was born in Jerusalem, her grandparents had moved from Yemen to Palestine. We married in 1946. Mazal was not at all religious, but we were married by a Rabbi. Mazal's parents weren?t present. We married completely independently of the family. We rented a flat in the basement of a house, where I also set up my workshop. We worked night and day. My wife helped me. There was no other employee. We worked on consignment making leather goods. But I was powerfully homesick, and when I married Mazal I told her that she should only marry me if she was willing to come home with me, because I was definitely coming home. In 1948 we sold everything and came home. Our first son, Emanuel, had already been born, in Tel Aviv in 1947. Mazal was pregnant with our second son when we came home, and Elek was born here in 1948. Our third boy, Tamas, was born in 1951.

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