Jozsef Faludi's cousin Amal Mahr

This is my cousin Amal. She has a very interesting story. She was the daughter of my father's sister Szeren. Szeren and her husband Vilmos Lebovits had a haberdashery shop in Kiskoros, and Amal worked in their shop. Beside Amal they had another girl, Bella, and a boy, Misi. The whole family except for Amal was deported and killed in 1944. In 1944, Amal came to Budapest with her three children. Her husband was drafted into forced labor. She came up to Budapest before the deportation because she had heard that she would have a better chance to survive. She moved into the ghetto in Pest with her children. Then one day a bus appeared in the ghetto, which - she didn't know it at the time, but only learned it later - was taking the families of rich Jews out of the ghetto. She got in the bus with her children and nobody told them to get off. This is how they reached Switzerland. Amal married again in Switzerland and went to Israel. She left her children behind in Switzerland because they were already adults. They are all well-off. When she was around 80, she married a very religious rabbi and they lived in Jerusalem. She died in 1998.

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