Jozsef Faludi's mother Jolan Fogler and his sister Rozsi Fogler

My mother and my younger sister Rozsi. She must be 14 or 15 on this photo. My mother wears a wig but it is so well done, you cannot tell. My mother is the daughter of the rabbi of Csepel. She had 7 brothers and sisters. She met my father through a matchmaker. That was the only way in those times. My mother was a corset-maker. She worked at home, and she had lots of clients They would come to the house and try on corsets. Mama was always sewing. Since my mother worked and there were four kids, someone had to take care of the housework, so from time to time we had a live-in servant for one or two months. The servants had to clean, and help with the cooking and washing. They were girls from the villages nearby. My mother wore a wig. She had some short hair underneath it, but she wore a wig. When she wasn?t wearing it, she covered her head with a scarf. She usually wore a scarf at home. If she went out visiting, she would put on the wig.

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