Jozsef Faludi's brother Imre Fogler at his uncle's in-laws' grave

My brother Imre at the grave of my mother's brother's wife. Imre was born less than a year after me. We went to the same middle school and then I went to yeshiva. First to Soltvadkert, where we had relatives, then to Paks. Here my brother was with me as well. But he only spent two zmanim (semesters) in Paks. Afterwards he went to a Jewish gardener in Kiskoros and learned gardening. He earned some money of course, and brought home fruit. Imre was taken off to forced labor. He was in Austria and escaped, and came home to liberated Hungary. He ended up in Kiskoros, and was in the leather trade for a while. Later he ran a gas station. In 1946 he went to Israel, 'the land of his dreams' as he wrote me, but he came home faster than I did because he was disappointed in it. He died in 1994. He doesn?t have a grave because he asked for his ashes to be scattered.

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