Jozsef Faludi's maternal grandfather Jakab Eckstein

This is my grandfather from Csepel, Jakab Eckstein. He came to Kiskoros from time to time. Well, that was a special occasion, because he would buy things, and he brought every kid something different, usually new clothes, and things like that. When he arrived he would open his suitcase after a little while and everyone got their own present. He wouldn't spend a lot of time in Kiskoros, as his responsibilities kept him in Csepel. The community in Csepel was Orthodox, but wasn?t as religious as the one in Kiskoros. For instance, there wasn?t a cheder (Jewish religious primary school) in Csepel, and they didn't have mid-week prayer either. My grandfather did the mid-week prayers alone at home. There wasn?t a mikva in Csepel either, so my grandfather went to Budapest on Fridays. That's where he died too, of a heart attack, in 1942.

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