Jozsef Faludi's aunt Rozsi Brull and the employees of the Salon Rachel

These are the employees in Rozsi's salon, the Salon Rachel. When this photo was taken, Rozsi and her husband were already in their second flat, which was bigger than the first, and they had more employees. All of them were Hungarian. We spoke Hungarian in the workshop, but all of them learned Hebrew as well. Rozsi stands in the middle in a white dress and on her right is my other aunt Rene. Left of Rozsi is a very religious girl whom they wanted me to marry. Her family wanted to have me in the family but nothing came of it. I used to go to her father on Saturdays to study with him. He had the whole Shas (the 36 books of the Talmud). And because I studied with him and we got to know each other's opinion about various things, they thought that maybe.... But then I stopped going there.

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