The Beck sisters and Jozsef Faludi in their grandparents' house in Csepel

The Beck sisters and me in our grandfather's garden in Csepel. This structure you see behind us is where they set up the succah at Succoth. They took off the roof and turned it into a succah. During the year they used it as a store room and this is where my grandfather sharpened his knives, as he was also the shochet, and where he studied. We spent the school vacations in Csepel with my grandparents. They had lots of grandchildren, because they had eight children. The rest of my cousins also spent their vacations in Csepel. The aunts who still lived there would take care of us and we got a lot of love from. We would wake up there, and eat and play the whole day. Later, when we got older, we studied there too because our grandfather explained a lot to us. Judit and Edit Beck were my father's brother's daughters. Their mother, Aunt Hermin, was my mother's sister. They also lived in Kiskoros. Aunt Hermin's husband was Ferenc Beck, who was a men´s tailor. The two girls went to middle school and then Judit learned typing and shorthand and worked in a lawyer´s office in Kiskoros. They were deported together with my parents and sisters in 1944.

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