Jozsef Faludi's cousins Edit and Judit Beck

These are my cousins, the Beck sisters, Judit and Edit Beck. They are in our rose garden, which my mother made. Their mother, Aunt Hermin, was my mother's sister. They also lived in Kiskoros. Aunt Hermin's husband was Ferenc Beck, who was a men´s tailor. The two girls went to middle school, then Judit learned typing and shorthand and worked in a lawyer´s office in Kiskoros. They lived in a house with their parents where there was a stage where theater performances were held just with Jews. They would rent the place and learn the play they wanted to present ahead of time, then put it on. Afterwards there was music, and then the young people would dance with each other. They were Yiddish plays, but presented in Hungarian. And the Beck family had their salon there in that house. They were deported together with my parents and sisters in 1944. My father and grandfather immediately went into the oven, and the girls and my mother went to work, in Germany. On the way it was the custom that the guards would shoot anybody who couldn't go any further. The sole of Edit's shoe came off, and she sat down, and her sister naturally stayed with her. They shot them in front of everybody.

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